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eToken Pass Service

Device eToken Pass meets the most stringent safety standards. It is a universal solution that provides the privacy of your personal information and guarantees the safety of your finances.

Device in form of breloque is a standalone one-time password generator that does not require connection to a computer or to install additional software.
Each new password is generated by the device is disposable. Attackers cannot find or steal the password to your personal account, as it is dynamic.
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One of the requirements of many major banks and financial institutions is mandatory use by all clients of digital authentication system eToken Pass.

How Does eToken Pass Work?

It's very easy. To log in to your account
you indicate your email and password. But now in addition to the password you have to add code from the new device. To do this, simply press the button on the eToken and it will generate six digits. For example, if your password "Amsterdam", and 6 digits from breloque "826489", then in the authorization field you will need to enter "Amsterdam826489" without spaces. One-time password from eToken is only valid for one session and you don't have to worry that the password will be peeped or intercepted.

How to Order?

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