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Get 100% BONUS

How does this work?
Credit your account on the amount of 200 USD/EUR
After each deposit of 200 USD/EUR, 16000 RUB and more, credit bonus will be added to the deposit amount.
Credit bonus is transfered to the trading account
Credit bonus is added to the "Credit" field of a trading account ("Balance" field is not changed) to be used as an additional margin for order volume increase.
Bonus writing-off
When equity drops to the level of credit bonus, an automatic closing of all open trades takes place.
You funded an account with 1000$, you got credit bonus of 1000$ that is shown in the “Credit” field. If the loss in your account equals 1000$, credit bonus is automatically withdrawn and trades will be closed. Balance and equity on a trading account will be equal to 0.

Promotion terms of Credit Bonus 100%

  • Credit bonus is only added to trading account.
  • Credit bonus is provided both after a direct funding of trading account and after a transfer from My Safe or from ZuluTrade, Pro account.
  • If during the promotion period, a Client makes withdrawal from any account besides ZuluTrade, Pro and then funds any of his accounts, besides ZuluTrade, Pro the bonus will be calculated as the difference between funding and withdrawal.
  • If the client makes withdrawal, percent bonus funds (at first balance bonus funds, then credit bonus funds) is deducted from the trading account in proportion of 1:1, the proportion can be changed in the future. This condition applies to the total amount of percent bonus funds in account.
  • Transfer of funds between accounts (besides ZuluTrade, Pro) is referred to as withdrawal and funding, therefore percent bonus funds is deducted from one account and added to another proportionally.
  • The Company has the right to refuse credit bonus supplement without explanation.
  • The Company has the right to cancel previously accrued credit bonus.
  • The Company reserves the right to request additional identification information from a client.
  • Credit bonus is not provided for ZuluTrade, Pro accounts.
  • The maximum amount of current credit bonus on each Client's trading account cannot exceed 10 000 USD or its equivalent in another trading account currency.