VPS - Virtual Hosting

The virtual hosting service allows creating a copy of your trading platform on a remote server. Run your trading robots and copy deals of professional signal providers on a virtual platform 24 hours a day.

How do I get access to the virtual hosting?

01 Register on our website and open a trading account

02 Download and install MT4 Platform, then authorize your trading account

03 Perform the activation of virtual hosting directly from the platform (watch video below)

Virtual hosting is provided by MetaQuotes Ltd and to use the service you need to register on the website before running of VPS. Detailed instructions on how to activate the service you can find in the videos below.

open an account

How to Rent A Virtual Platform in MetaTrader 4/5?

Preparing to Migrate Robots and Signals to your Virtual Hosting in MetaTrader 4/5

How to Control Resources and Manage Virtual Hosting Subscriptions in MetaTrader 4/5?

You can choose the most suitable hosting site for your virtual platform. The MetaTrader platform installed on your computer will be automatically launched, and its trading environment will be copied to the virtual platform. You do not need to change settings, to configure or administer the remote server. Be sure that all your trading robots, indicators, and signal subscriptions will run on the virtual platform. If you need to subscribe to another signal, run an additional trading robot or make other changes to a virtual platform, you can do so anytime. You may change your platform trading environment by adding new charts, indicators, trading robots or signals, and then migrate it to a virtual platform. It is simply to rent a server and it is easy to manage it. Launch, halt, cancellation of hosting and control over the use of virtual server resources is available directly from the MetaTrader. In the window Navigator you will find records about all virtual platforms allocated for your accounts.

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