Complete tasks and win up to

$15 000

every day!

How to play

Start your puzzle
Complete any
3 or 5 tasks
Win instant
cash prizes
Register and get cash prizes every day!
Register and get cash prizes every day!
Promotion terms

Every day there are 5 tasks in the form of puzzle available for you. After you click Take Part at the promotion menu all your trading activity is calculated to complete the tasks. Having completed any 3 tasks (a half of the Puzzle) you instantly receive cash prize from $5 to $5 000. Continue to collect the Puzzle till the end of the day. Having completed 5 tasks collecting the whole puzzle you will get the second instant cash prize from $10 to $10 000.

The Cash Puzzle starts every day and can be activated at 00:00 (trading server time). The countdown shows time left till restart. Trading activity on all types of trading accounts is counted to complete tasks. All prizes are added instantly to the Safe box and are available for withdrawal and transfer to a trading account.

Collect puzzles

Collect daily puzzles and get extra cash rewards!

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