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My Safe

Reliable depository of your funds in EUR and USD currencies.

Advantages of service
  • Accrual up to 12% per annum on balance
  • Funds are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Deposit and withdraw only in two clicks
  • Precise financial control of funds
  • Fast transfer to the trading account and backward

More profitable than deposit in a bank

up to 5 lots
from 5 to 10
from 10 to 20
from 20 to 50
from 50 to 100
5 %
6 %
8 %
9 %
12 %
Accruals are made at the beginning of a new month for a previous month. For example, your trade turnover for May was 12 lots. In this case, annual rate would be equal to 8% and accruals for May would be made until the 3rd of June. Interest rate changes every month depending on the trade turnover.