Bonus 100% on MT5 accounts

Double your deposit and earn more!

Get your bonus
$10 000

You get bonus instantly after making a deposit

Increase your volumes with the bonus

Up to $10 000 on a trading account

Bonus 100% for each deposit

Funds are credited to the credit field

How does it work?

Credit your account on the amount of 200 USD/EUR
After each deposit of 200 USD/EUR and more, credit bonus +100% will be added to the deposit amount.
Credit bonus is credited to the account
Credit bonus is added to the "Credit" field of a trading account ("Balance" field is not changed) to be used as an additional margin for order volume increase.
Bonus writing-off
When equity drops to the level of credit bonus, an automatic closing of all open trades takes place.

Example: You deposited account with $1000 and got credit bonus of $1000 that is shown in the “Credit” field. If the loss in your account equals to $1000, credit bonus is automatically withdrawn and open trades are closed. Balance and funds on your trading account will be equal to 0.
NOTE: Trading accounts participating in the promotion are MT5 Micro, MT5 Premium, MT5 Digital. The credit bonus is written-off when an actual Stop Out level is reached.
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