Deposit Insurance Program

An ideal tool to protect your deposit and reduce your risk

Deposit insurance provides protection against loss of funds

Our Deposit Insurance Program is a unique feature that allows you to insure your deposit before opening trades and receive the whole amount back as real funds to your account if you incur losses. This service is available to all clients with MT5 Pro accounts. The duration of the Deposit Insurance Program is determined by the option you choose, which suits your current needs the most.


Is it possible to insure my entire deposit before I start trading? Do you have a tool for this available on your platform?


Yes, WELTRADE offers you to insure your deposit for a fixed period of time. You can activate our new Deposit Insurance Program feature when you deposit your account.


Your deposit is fully protected for a period of 1-3 days

You can insure any deposit amount, with no maximum limit

Your account will be credited with real money to compensate you for any losses

You have the margin for error

How to insure a deposit?


Register and open an account

Log in to your existing account or complete the quick registration process, which takes less than a minute.


Go to the Cashier page

Select the MT5 Pro account you want to deposit and insure. You have also the option to create a new one at any time.


Activate the Deposit Insurance Program

Enable the feature by pressing the toggle switch while making a deposit, and then select the best option from the list that appears.


Deposit Your Account

WELTRADE offers a wide range of deposit methods, making the process quick and easy.


Enjoy Trading and Get Compensation

You are eligible to receive compensation for losses incurred as a result of unsuccessful trading or unexpected market movements during the insured period.

How can I get insurance payouts?

If you lose any of your insured deposit funds while the Deposit Insurance Program is active (as defined above), you will automatically receive a refund to the amount of losses you incurred during that period (available for withdrawal).

To receive a refund, you should use the deposit insurance feature when making a deposit.

Please keep in mind that if a loss occurs after the expiry date, this program is no longer valid and we will not be able to refund your deposit.

Protect yourself and your money in case of a mistake or high market volatility

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