Our brand-new Terminal is a user-friendly, custom-built platform that gives you access to the most advanced features available on the market.

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Best trading environments

Using the WELTRADE Terminal, traders will have access to cutting-edge charting tools as well as an easy-to-use interface. With more than 50 drawing tools and 100 indicators, the Terminal is geared towards traders who want to stay on top of their game.

No more downloads or installations

Log in to the Terminal and trade. All fundamental capabilities and benefits that you are so familiar with are still present, but the interface has been made more user-friendly to simplify the process of working with the terminal. WELTRADE Terminal is the ideal web-based trading platform for over a hundred popular assets.

Fast, simple and secure

The Terminal is dependable and fast, as well as incredibly user-friendly, thanks to the diligent efforts of the most brilliant and innovative developers and designers at WELTRADE. All data and information are safely encrypted. Trade with confidence and ease by using the WELTRADE Terminal.

Financial administration has been simplified

Constantly track your orders and keep track of your profit margin. 24/7 access to your funds for deposit or withdrawal.

Always up to date on the latest market developments

With the help of detailed charts and cutting-edge technologies, you can analyze price fluctuations and make educated judgments.

All the most important assets in one spot

Trade forex, stocks, metals, energies, indices and digital currencies all from a single place using the WELTRADE Terminal.

Why WELTRADE Terminal

Advanced and user-friendly trading platform

Customer Support 24/7

Local and global payment methods

Instant withdrawals

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